Join us from February 7 - 11  2024 at Affordable Art Fair Brussels. During the fair we present the works of 4 different artists; Aron Kroes, Nancy Poeran, Merette Uiterwaal and Studio Uiterwaal Kroes. 
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Aron Kroes (1987) delves into figurative painting, pushing conventional boundaries. Abstraction, rooted in intuition, becomes a genuine expression of emotions and technique, uncompromised. Viewers are invited to freely interpret each portrait, transforming it into a reflective mirror of personal perceptions.
Aron occupies the crossroads of figurative and abstract art, challenging the limitations of the figurative form. His intuitive methodology, devoid of external references, directly translates and embodies emotions at the moment of creation, resembling conceptual self-portraits.
His paintings, chaotic yet occasionally revealing unexpected beauty, maintain a connection to portraiture while incorporating abstraction. Aron's work explores a world of perpetual balance, oscillating between expressive forms and a vibrant color palette.
Defined by a fascination with light, Aron actively engages with its reflective qualities using metallic and chrome hues. Inspired by graffiti and street art, these colors seamlessly integrate into his artistic endeavors, reflecting a heritage he embraces with enthusiasm.
More information about Aron his paintings can be found on his website.
Nancy Poeran, a seasoned professional with over two decades in business, transitioned to pursue photography at the renowned Photoacademy in Amsterdam in 2020. Her work reflects boundless creativity, aiming to inspire and fortify viewers through a unique perspective on reality, where subjectivity prevails and multiple layers of truth coexist.
Fueled by a profound interest in human psychology and identity, Nancy's series, "We are all made of light and shadow," explores the complexity in both the world and individuals. Utilizing a fusion of photography, artificial intelligence, sketching, and other techniques, she captures the essence of her exploration.
Engaging in a dynamic dialogue with artificial intelligence, Nancy meticulously manipulates images to unveil the soul of her subjects. Through a conscious play of contrasts—light and dark, organic and geometric shapes—she amplifies their interplay.
Challenging perceptions, Nancy's work prompts viewers to reflect on the intricate layers of truth. Her innovative approach, blending traditional photography, sketch and cutting-edge AI technology, establishes her as a contemporary artist at the forefront of expression, capturing the essence of existence from her unique perspective.
More information about Nancy's work can be found on
Merette Uiterwaal is an artist who works mainly with photography. Due to her color blindness she views the world in an unusual way compared to most people. After she started wearing glasses that made her see color, the color pallet she works with expanded.
The series "Untitled (Colors)" (2023) is a captivating collection of photographs featuring abstract yet familiar flowers and plants. Each artwork delves into the exploration of perceiving and discovering colors, emphasizing the divergence between the artist's reality as a color-blind individual and that of individuals with normal color vision. The titles of the pieces reference the colors she perceives, a unique palette that often diverges from the conventional understanding of reality.
This interplay between her distinctive perspective and the viewer's perception gives rise to artwork that challenges established notions of color perception. The series beautifully blurs the boundary between realism and abstraction, inviting the audience into a visually enthralling experience. The photographs not only showcase the inherent beauty of nature but also prompt contemplation on the subjective nature of color, fostering a deeper appreciation for the diversity of visual experiences.
More information about Merette and her work can be found on her website.
Painter Aron Kroes and photographer Merette Uiterwaal first started making work together during the global pandemic in 2020. After sharing a studio space together for years, they started working together when the world became silent.
Merette her abstract portraits are the starting point of a new series of work made together with Aron. His expressive and intuitive painterly style brings the abstract photographs to life.
Individually their work revolves around the research of identity and colors, which comes back in their work together. Color always brings an extra dimension. Not only in an evident way, in that Merette views the world in a different way compared to Aron, but also because Merette is color blind. After Merette got glasses that made her see colors, the color pallet she works with expanded. With this new view on the world and her work, she brings a new vision on the colors they use in their work.
More information about their work can be found here.
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