Painter Aron Kroes and photographer Merette Uiterwaal first started making work together during the global pandemic in 2020. After sharing a studio space together for years, they started working together when the world became silent.
Merette her abstract portraits are the starting point of a new series of work made together with Aron. His expressive and intuitive painterly style brings the abstract photographs to life.
Individually their work revolves around the research of identity and colors, which comes back in their work together. Color always brings an extra dimension. Not only in an evident way, in that Merette views the world in a different way compared to Aron, but also because Merette is color blind. After Merette got glasses that made her see colors, the color pallet she works with expanded. With this new view on the world and her work, she brings a new vision on the colors they use in their work.
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