Join us from 1 - 5 November 2023 at Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam. During the fair we present the works of 4 different artists; Aron Kroes, Inez Agnese, Merette Uiterwaal and Studio Uiterwaal Kroes. 
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Aron Kroes focuses mainly on painting, exploring the boundaries of the figurative.
Applying abstraction stems from an intuitive approach. It is a representation of feeling, experiences and technique without making any concessions. The interpretation is free, so that the portrait functions as a mirror for the beholder.
The paintings generally have a chaotic character, sometimes with unexpected beauty. Although the works can always be traced back to the basic forms of a portrait, the application of abstraction takes the viewer into a world of constant balance between expressive shapes and a rich color palette.
More information about Aron his paintings can be found on his website.
In her work, Dutch autodidact Inez Agnese, yearns to encounter others beyond words. Her silent method strips away distractions, allowing bodies and minds to move authentically, accompanied only by liberating music. Behind the camera, Inez perceives the unspoken truths of individuals, where light dances on skin and subtle movements voice inner thoughts. Her raw photography seeks not conventional beauty but the daring revelation of bare faces and personalities. It's a quest for the bodies’ story, where the naked personality emerges over time and space, freed from beneath the skin. Inez Agnese's work is a powerful exploration of humanity's essence, transcending words to capture genuine moments.
More information about Inez and her work can be found on her website.
Merette Uiterwaal is an artist who works mainly with photography. Due to her color blindness she views the world in an unusual way compared to most people. After she started wearing glasses that made her see color, the color pallet she works with expanded.
Interested in the simplicity of everyday life she works with the interpretations of color of everyday subjects. Because of her color blindness there is always a difference between how the artist is seeing the work and most of its observers. This results in work that is on the cutting edge between realism and abstract work.
More information about Merette and her work can be found on her website.
Painter Aron Kroes and photographer Merette Uiterwaal first started making work together during the global pandemic in 2020. After sharing a studio space together for years, they started working together when the world became silent.
Merette her abstract portraits are the starting point of a new series of work made together with Aron. His expressive and intuitive painterly style brings the abstract photographs to life.
Individually their work revolves around the research of identity and colours, which comes back in their work together. Colour always brings an extra dimension. Not only in an evident way, in that Merette views the world in a different way compared to Aron, but also because Merette is colour blind. After Merette got glasses that made her see colours, the colour pallet she works with expanded. With this new view on the world and her work, she brings a new vision on the colours they use in their work.
More information about their work can be found here.
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